Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters were originally designed to protect the windows in homes and buildings that had minimal or no air conditioning during hot summer months by providing a layer of shade while still allowing natural light into the home. This makes them perfect for people who want some privacy without sacrificing ventilation during warm days!

The history of plantation shutters is a very interesting topic. They were first introduced during the 1700s by colonists in America because they wanted to imitate their African-American slaves’ window coverings from home. The plantation shutter was designed so that the slats of the shutters would move independently, which allowed for more ventilation and cooling than a typical window covering or door curtain.

The advantages of plantation shutters include:

They add irreplaceable character to a home, and can be used as an accent piece in any room of the house. In addition, they also enhance the value of a home, if you are thinking of selling it.
Plantation shutters block about 90% of sun’s heat from entering your living space, making them great for overheated households or offices.
They provide the best privacy for your home, while not compromising the view of the outside.
They come in a range of materials, so selecting something that suits your requirement is easy.

Some of the disadvantages of plantation shutters include:

While they are very stylish and elegant, they can be expensive to purchase and maintain.
They require more maintenance than other window coverings, as they need a fresh coat of paint every two years or so.
Plantation shutters are often made from wood which is sensitive to water damage. As such, it’s important to use caution around the house when cleaning them with dish soap and cloths that have been previously used for washing dishes containing food residue.

So, how do you clean and maintain your plantation shutters so that they last longer?

The way you clean your shutters will depend on the material used to make them. As we mentioned before, natural wood is not resistant to moisture, and hence you will need to be very careful when cleaning them as they could warp or get damaged with excessive exposure to moisture. The best way to solve this is to get PVC plantation shutters in Sydney, which are far easier to clean because PVC is water resistant; a simple wipe down on a daily basis with a damp cloth will do the trick.

However, here are a few general tips on how to keep your shutters well maintained.

Cleaning the shutter with a damp cloth and mild soap is easy and will remove any dirt or dust.
To protect the wood, use a soft cloth that is not abrasive like cotton towels to dry your plantation shutters after you have cleaned them with soap and water. This will help maintain the natural sheen of the shutter without scratching it in an effortless manner!
After cleaning each individual panel, be sure to wipe down all adjacent panels thoroughly as well so that there are no streaks left behind from where you had previously wiped off grime.
For extra protection against stains on paint over time, apply a coat of clear finish.
Use an appropriate cleaner for your shutter material, such as vinegar or lemon juice for wood shutters. Non chemical cleaners should be used to maintain the natural sheen of your shutter.
PVC plantation shutters can be cleaned using the same cleaners as wood shutters, but should not be used on any other shutter material.
Cleaners such as dish detergent (dishwashing liquid) or ammonia may cause the finish on a metal plantation shutter to darken too much over time. If you still want to use these chemicals, it would be best if you did so sparingly since they will eventually leave behind streaks from previous applications
Spray some WD-40 on metal shutters to protect them from rusting.
Apply a coat of paint to your wooden shutters every few years if you want them to stay looking good. Painting your shutter frame every few years is a lot easier than spraying paint onto individual slats, so it’s worth doing if you want your home to look nice and clean all year round
Wipe down vinyl shades with window cleaner and dry off with a lint-free cloth such as a micro fibre cloth.

Your shutters are the frames of glass that protect you from outside elements, such as wind, dust, rain and glare. Shutters in Sydney come in various shapes and sizes for different windows on homes nowadays but they have been around for centuries.