The History of Courier Services

As we all know that the courier service is the oldest way of delivering or transferring goods from one place to another all over the world. In the history of man, this system is very rare because the people of that time are very less known about it.

With time people of that time gradually started to get know about this service and they found it very useful for them, but then they didn’t have the resources of transferring goods from one place to other, then gradually they started the usage of animals for this purpose animal which uses are Horses, Donkeys, Camels and other animals who can bear the load of goods.

With the invention of motor vehicles like cars, railways, and other inventions the usage of animals became less and people started using these vehicles. With this evolution of transporting goods from one place to other people are going to send their parcels or letters to their loved ones in the matter of some days or even within a day.

After these inventions, courier services become popular all over the world and after the 1900s this industry came into the market with a lot of competitors first courier company in the world in open in 1907 in America after that gradually this industry gets popular and became the need of every person of every country.

Until today there is an enormous amount of courier companies came into the industry and trying to show their talent in this industry. In the United Kingdom, several companies are providing this service to all people of the UK based on their needs.

“Beecrown Logistics” is one of those companies who are always eager to deliver your parcel anywhere in the country on just your one phone call. We provide fast and reliable services to every customer in the entire UK.

Although we provide so many services but based on the convenience of our customers, The services which we provide are Same Day Courier Services, Next Day Courier Services, and Large Parcel Delivery all around the UK.

Our “Same Day Courier Services” can reach any destination on which our client wants to deliver his/her parcels, whether their package is a household or something else we deliver it safe and sound to its destination. Our drivers are fully trained and handle your parcel with care and they have insured vehicles. We have a professional supporting system which provides support 24/7 to our customers and customer always get to know the success of his/her parcel.

Our company has a fleet of vehicles. We have over 3000 vehicles include delivery Vans, Trucks, and Lorries, which we used to deliver your parcels anywhere in the UK. With this huge amount of vehicle network, it became very easy for us to deliver your parcel.

Another service which you can choose is “Next Day Courier Services” which deliver your products to your destination after a day. This service is provided with a doorstep collection service which collects the parcel from the sender’s doorstep and delivers it to the destination’s doorstep.

You can also manage the time of sending or receiving the parcel because sometimes it may be possible that you are not present at the time of parcel arrival. So, you can decide the time of your parcel receiving.

Another facility is “Large Parcel Delivery” in which we deliver heavy products all across the UK. We have special heavy vehicles that can handle all types of heavy parcels to be delivered anywhere in the country. Our large parcel delivery service is also available with doorstep collection anytime by which the customer sends their heavy parcels anytime they want. We provide this service to e-commerce brands or retailers and also for individuals.

We always believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with all customers, that is why whenever they want to send a parcel anywhere in the entire UK, they directly contact us because of our best-in-class services.